I’ve designed homes and home remodels in the Pacific Northwest for 25 years, and feel I have developed a well-honed and consistent approach to my work.

Finding simple ways to alter and improve our surroundings is central to my design process. For me, achieving integrity of design means bringing all of the puzzle pieces together into a built environment that holds together in a harmonic way, and creates a physical space that both quiets and enlivens.

I limit myself to a few projects at a time so that I can give my clients my full attention. I listen carefully to a client’s utilitarian needs, and am also responsive to their more profound desires for a space. Collaboration with my clients not only informs the direction of my design work, but also deeply enriches it. Clients can expect me to pay close attention to the constraints of a project, as well as to identify and capitalize upon the charms of an existing space.

I have the good fortune to work with a talented architect named Matthew Waddington, who comes with a strong background of building, art, and architectural detailing. Matthew brings great expertise in building to my practice, creating working drawings with a very high level of accuracy and building knowledge.

I am excited about our work, and would love to share my excitement with clients who are looking for design that addresses both the practical side of us, and our desire to live more fully.